Packed with flavor, fiber, and flair, our microgreens are small but mighty!
Below is a sampling of our products. Please view our online catalog for a complete list of what we offer.

Micro Greens
Micro Rainbow/spectrum Greens
Micro Basil
Micro Cilantro
Bean Sprouts
Micro Arugula
Micro Green Bull Bloods
Alfalfa Sprouts
Pea Tendrils
Pea Shoots
Micro Sorrel
Micro Celery
Micro Mizuna
Micro Mint
Micro Purple Shiso
Micro Red Amarath
Micro Flower Blend
Micro Citrus Mix
Sunflower Sprouts
Micro Mire Poix
Micro Celery
Micro Wasabi
Daikon Sprouts
Micro Broccoli
Micro Orchid Flower

To order, give us a call at (414) 289-0995 or