3 Benefits of Cryovac for Fresh Produce

At V. Marchese, we often get asked how we’re able to provide the freshest produce in the midwest. From farm to table, our products stay as fresh and delicious as the day they were harvested. We’ll let you in on our not-so-secret weapon: it’s called cryovac. 

A cryovac machine removes all air from a product’s package, vacuum-sealing it shut. This process has the amazing ability to preserve food for an extended period of time without diminishing its quality.



3 Benefits of Cryovac for Fresh Produce

1. Food Protection, Safety, and Quality

When produce is vacuum-sealed, it is protected from the three worst crimes in the produce world: freezer burn, dehydration, and mold. The cryovac process adds a layer of protection to food products, so external sources like bacteria don’t have the chance to grow. This makes for safer, healthier food that doesn’t need extra chemicals or additives to preserve its freshness!

2. Extended Shelf Life

Cryovac vastly extends the lifespan of many different foods. In fact, produce shelf life is typically 3-5 times longer when vacuum sealed. This ultimately leads to less spoilage, less wasted food, and more bang for your buck! Who doesn’t want their products to stay fresher for longer?

3. Deliciousness!

We would never sacrifice taste for convenience. Vacuum sealers lock in the moisture, texture, and flavor of the food. Not only does this preserve the nutritional value, but also the delicious, fresh taste!


V. Marchese: Freshness is the Key to Success!

At V. Marchese, we are committed to the cleanliness and safety of our food storage. From our dairy products to our produce of all kinds, cryovac is the best way to preserve the safety, quality, and deliciousness of our perishable products. Plus, our intensive food safety procedures and certifications allows us to continue exceeding industry standards. 

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