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You want bananas? We got the best. You want spices? We got the freshest.

You want dairy? We’d be delighted to deliver high quality milk & cheese on the market.

Committed to Cleanliness

From gardens and farms to your kitchen, you can bet that our produce, dairy, and spices are the freshest of the fresh! Our intensive food safety procedures and certifications keep our facilities clean, safe, and exceeding industry standards.

Squeeze the day!

Every day is an opportunity to make a positive difference in our customers’ lives. We make the most of it!

Practice what you peach

We lead by example. The best way to foster a culture of honesty, productivity, and good-natured fun is to live it out!

Lettuce prioritize safety

Our intensive food safety procedures ensure that we have the freshest, highest quality produce around. We are committed to a clean, healthy work environment!

It’s always go thyme

From menu recommendations to same-day deliveries, we are here for our customers around the clock!

Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and More–Since 1934!

We never take ourselves too seriously. Our products, though… now, that’s a different story!

Rich and aromatic, our top-notch microgreens add a splash of color, texture, and spice to any dish. Ready to elevate your plate?

V. Marchese has served fresh, honest-to-goodness produce since 1934—and we’ll do it for a hundred years more!

V. Marchese is a family-owned company providing fresh produce, dairy, and spices to restaurateurs and culinary professionals throughout the Midwest. Our humble origins take us back to 1934, when our namesake Vito Marchese, fondly known as the “banana man,” delivered fruits and vegetables from his hand-painted truck.

Spotlight on Organic Produce

The Banana Grading System

We put the ‘Cheese’ in Marchese!

Thank you for choosing V. Marchese as your partner in delivering honest-to-goodness fruits, vegetables, and more to your customers.