Privacy Policy

V. Marchese Inc. fully understands that the personal information of our customers (information which can identify individuals) is one of the most important information constituting privacy and that protecting personal information is a significant obligation for us. Therefore, we handle personal information with great care.

As this website is operated to provide information about V. Marchese Inc., it is not necessary for you to provide your personal information when browsing the site.

V. Marchese Inc. shall not disclose personal information of the customers to any third party except for the following cases: if the customer agrees to disclose his/her personal information; and if it seems necessary to disclose the personal information in accordance with laws and regulations.

V. Marchese Inc. shall take safety measures to a reasonable extent in order to protect the personal information provided through the website from loss, destruction, unapproved disclosure to outside parties, tampering, and unauthorized access. V. Marchese Inc. well understands the policies and endeavors to meet the confidence and expectations placed by customers on V. Marchese Inc.

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